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Sweet happily ever afters
that go everywhere you do.

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My best friend Story was just left at the altar by a man who never deserved her. But throughout our childhood, no one has ever been good enough for her--including me. But the truth is, I love her, and always have. Now that I've gotten so close to losing her, can I find the courage to tell her how I feel before it's too late?

Two hot delivery guys, a testosterone-filled rivalry, and one woman's heart. What could possibly go wrong?

When two rivaling delivery guys vie for Kate's heart, she has two choices: play the field and risk getting caught, or overcome her fears of commitment and choose the guy who's right for her. But when her coworker, Henry throws his hat into the ring too, things get more complicated than signed, sealed, delivered.


An UpLyfting Love

Coming Soon!

An UpLyfting Love.png

Also available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and many other major retailers.


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