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Two hot delivery guys, a testosterone-filled rivalry, and one woman's heart. What could possibly go wrong?

For commitment-phobe, Kate Styles, playing the field with two gorgeous delivery drivers is the best way to avoid falling in love. Like, real love. Not the fun, flirty, flings that Zack and Diego have to offer, but the deep, meaningful connection that makes her want to run for the hills. So why is it that when she shows up for work at the copy shop each day, that Henry, her sweet, slightly-nerdy coworker makes her heart race? He easily scales the walls she put in place years ago, and Kate finds her thoughts drifting off into Henryland more than she cares to admit. But they’re just friends, right? Maybe not.


Dental school hopeful Henry Matthews’ life has hit a bumpy detour. After a low score on his Dental Assessment Test, he’s stuck at a job at the copy shop, “Oh, Ship!” way longer than he had planned. Then, in walks Kate. A fiery-haired Godsend that gives him another reason to roll out of bed in the morning. Suddenly he looks forward to his mundane job, and the potential for romance with her is right on the cusp of blooming. But when Kate gets swept off her feet by two rival delivery drivers, Henry’s heart takes a beating--especially when Kate puts him in The Friend Zone. Now, he’s forced to watch his dream-girl flirt every day with the meatheads he despises.

But with time running out, Henry will have to find the courage to tell Kate how he feels, or she might hold him at arms’ length forever.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Will Kate be able to let down her guard, or will Henry blow his chance to win her heart?

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