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Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar

New release:

She left to chase her dreams, while his disappeared in her cloud of dust.

Luke Dixon stands in the road and watches his best friend Story’s tail lights disappear. The dust swirls around her loaded up car as she leaves their small town to chase her big-city dreams. Tears gather like the confetti after graduation at the corners of his eyes as memories of their childhood wash over him. The girl he’s always loved has left him for greener pastures. She has a bucket list a mile long, and Luke only dreamt of a simple life alongside her—though he never told her that. He believes she is destined for more than being a farmer’s wife, so he loved her enough to let her go.

Deep down, Luke hopes she’ll hate the city and return home. Or that she’ll realize that she loves him too and run back to his arms. His worst fears come true when she meets a man who can give her a life Luke can’t—and Luke forces himself to pretend he’s happy for her.

But when Story’s groom leaves her at the altar, Luke is given the second chance he has always hoped for. Will he be able to push aside his self-doubts and tell her how he feels, or will he watch her tail lights disappear from his life for good?


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